Tony Kemplen

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Tony Kemplen has worked with a range of processes and scales, from gallery sized installations to small printed ephemera. Since his first gallery show, at the Mappin in Sheffield in 1994 he has embraced media ranging from bronze to CD-ROM, via print, sound and video.
After finishing his BA in 1995, he produced a number of artist’s books and multiples, several of which have been acquired by national and international collections. During his MA studies, completed in 2000, he started working with sound and installation, while continuing to produce text based work and multiples.
His work is often site or event specific, with themes of language and translation running through much recent output. The use of new media, with a particular interest in the imperfections or glitches which characterise many software processes, coupled with an emphasis on process over outcome, often lead to absurd results.
Recent commissions include new pieces for Ikon Gallery Birmingham and Site Gallery, Sheffield. In addition to his individual practice, he is a member of the artists’ collective utk. Curatorial activities include ‘Rebound’ (in which 101 Artists were each given a copy of a biography of Jeffrey Archer’s to work with), and ‘Buildings and Contents’ – contemporary art in a museum context.
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