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thumbnail of 52c52w 52 Cameras in 52 Weeks
Exhibition at Artcore Derby
part of the FORMAT International Photography Festival

thumbnail of 522c 522 Cameras
Feature in Amateur Photographer Magazine

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All my film photography, and much else beside is on Flickr

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My film photography on Instagram

Archive 1993-2009

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2009 [top]

thumbnail of sors The Sheffield Pavilion 2009
"Xanadu" - a new work comissioned by
Sheffield Contemporary Art Forum for the Istanbul Biennale

thumbnail of mdgnn The Lay of the Land
The Cartography of Real and Imagined Landscapes
20-21 Visual Arts Centre, Scunthorpe

2008 [top]

thumbnail of sors Street or Studio - a photobook from Tate Modern
Pinhole photo selected for a book following on from
Tate Modern's "Street or Studio" exhibition

thumbnail of mdgnn My dog's got no nose...
An evening of art on the theme of smell
Bloc Assembly guest curated by utk.

2007 [top]

thumbnail of PowerPointism PowerPointism
An evening of high-impact presentations,bite-sized artworks
and networking opportunities with the creative decision-makers of Sheffield.
A programme of short art works that use in some way Microsoft 'Powerpoint' or Apple 'Keynote' software.

thumbnail of wall of death OurLives
My photograph 'Wall of death' was the winner in the 'Our lives in motion' category of the Curry's OurLives competition. The photo was exhibited at the Proud Gallery in London, and the prizes were awarded by David Bailey.

thumbnail of dawn chorus Dawn Chorus
Dawn Chorus, which was first installed in the Sheffield Winter Gardens, is presented at the Old House Museum, as part of the Bakewell Festival.

thumbnail of Spin Spin
An installation by utk at the 20-21 Gallery, Scunthorpe. This work was first comissioned by the Grave's Art Gallery, and was part of 'Just when you thought it was all going so well...'

thumbnail of That's the way to do it! That's the way to do it!
A soundwork made for Soundnetwork@Futuresonic 07, Victoria Baths, Manchester
Low-tech electronic noise generator used to make sound effects for an imaginary Punch and Judy show.
Played on headphones in the changing booths of the first class male bath.

thumbnail of vexed Vexed
Vexed is a new commission for 'Conflict' at the 20-21 Gallery, Scunthorpe
Taking the form of five jigsaw puzzles, it looks at the complex relationships between the UK and other nations
The show includes work by the war artist John Keane, and Richard Bartle

thumbnail of sk329858 SK329858 1944-94
Also part of 'Conflict' at the 20-21 Gallery, Scunthorpe
SK329858 1944-94 is a pack of playing cards that marked the 50th anniversary
of the wartime crash of an American Flying Fortress bomber in a Sheffield park.

thumbnail of zero point six degrees zero point six degrees
An installation by utk as part of Talking Points: Local Marks - Global Impressions
Cooper Gallery Barnsley
13 January to 3 March 2007

2006 [top]

thumbnail of sonic picnic The Sonic Picnic Set
The sonic picnic set is a low tech modular electronic noise maker housed in plastic lunch boxes.
It has been seen and heard at Futursonic in Manchester and Sonus in Sheffield

thumbnail of brass monkey Eine Kleine Thriftmusik
Eine Kleine Thriftmusik is a series of compositions using musical instruments bought in charity shops, car boot sales, and the local ‘Poundland’.
Tracks from the album have been played on Radio 3's Mixing It and Late Junction programmes.

thumbnail of siren song Siren Song
Open air sound installation
part of Bloc Assembly #2
noisy sirens transformed into choral singing

2005 [top]

thumbnail of cardboatcard cardboatcard
Christmas Card 2005
an idea borrowed from the Turner Prize winner Simon Starling

thumbnail of artistsbooks A Decade of Artist's Books
Exhibition in the School of Art, Media and Design, UWE Bristol
A selection of editioned artist's books made from 1994 onwards

thumbnail of jwytiwagsw Just when you thought it was all going so well...
Graves Art Gallery, Sheffield. utkshow comprising two installations and four newly commissioned responses to the Gallery's permanent collection.

thumbnail of day-to-day data Day-to-day Data
An exhibition of the work artists who seek inspiration from insignificant details in their own or the publics' everyday lives - artists who use daily experience as research material from which to obtain their data.

2004 [top]

thumbnail of Strawberry Surprise Strawberry Surprise
A 60 second film shown as part of "Host 4: Cinema" - an artist-run project presenting a programme of thirty-six one-minute artworks in sound and moving image by artists from across the UK and Europe

thumbnail of memoir raft Memoir Raft
The installation ‘Memoir Raft’ was made by utkin the aftermath of the Momart fire, in which many works of contemporary art were destroyed.

thumbnail of Snap crackle & pop Snap crackle & pop
An immersive installation using hundreds of metres of bubblewrap and accompanied by a multichannel soundscape consisting of processed samples of bubble wrap being popped and squeezed.

2003 [top]

thumbnail of tinca tinca 10x10x10
utkgroup show in which ten artists were invited to create work in response to one of ten randomly allocated subjects using one of ten randomly allocated media
I was allocated paint as a medium and 'tench' the subject

thumbnail of dawnchorus Dawn Chorus
A sound piece in which urban noises are transformed into birdsong
Installed in the new Sheffield Winter Gardens as part of ArtSheffield03

thumbnail of Encyclopaedia Mundi Encyclopaedia Mundi
A new work reflecting on the tradition of the Wunderkammer, or Cabinet of Curiosity and exploring the contemporary connotations of its medieval systems of classification and interpretation. Arts Council of England National Touring Programme commission.

2002 [top]

thumbnail of housework Housework
Group show at Angel Row Gallery, Nottingham
The three pieces of work I made for the utkshow 'Challenging Rooms' were shown

thumbnail of solitary pleasures Solitary Pleasures
Three separate, but related installations by utkat the LMU Gallery, Leeds. Notions of autonomy and social control are addressed obliquely, engaging the viewer with all five senses in an immersive experience

2001 [top]

thumbnail of pretty pollytics Pretty Pollytics
Made for HOST - Re-inventing the Museum, curated by Mario Rossi
Hastings Museum and Art Gallery
Shown shortly after the 2001 general election

thumbnail of the end The End
New work commissioned by the Site Gallery for Everything is NumberJune 2001
A neon sign that will light up when the world ends.

thumbnail of towards entropy Towards Entropy
A projection on the Site Gallery window for Everything is Number

thumbnail of Bedroom Makeover Bedroom Makeover
Made for HOME - (from 8 to 10pm)at Rotherham Art Gallery. The video takes the gasps of delight from home makeover programmes and adds them to close ups of sensual brushwork.

2000 [top]

thumbnail of time and motion study Time and Motion Study
An Installation at Speedwell Works, Sheffield
Part of Fivestarthe Sheffield Hallam University Fine Art MA show

thumbnail of setpiece Setpiece
A home made sign anticipating the year 3000 millenium celebrations
Part of Fivestarthe Sheffield Hallam University Fine Art MA show

thumbnail of Sponsored by the Time Sponsored by the Time
Seven channel sound piece
Part of Fivestarthe Sheffield Hallam University Fine Art MA show

thumbnail of how will it be? How will it be?
Shortlisted for a Beck's Futures Award, Tony Kemplen's short film How Will it Be? is an exploration of youth and growing up.

1999 [top]

thumbnail of polyglot Polyglot
Commissioned for Babel - contemporary art and the journeys of communication
at the Ikon Gallery, Birmingham

thumbnail of Bow-wow, pooh-pooh, ding-dong bow-wow, pooh-pooh, ding-dong
A large scale sound installation in which the visitor is immersed in a chaotic babble of primitive language elements.
The title refers to theories of language origin.

thumbnail of About Time About Time
Seven channel sound piece in which time related sounds are played via a large seven segment digit on the gallery floor
A large illuminated digit on the wall indicates which channels are active.

thumbnail of how will it be? Avocado/Avvocato
Audio CD and booklet made as part of Challenging Rooms, in which members of utkmade work in the homes of people who had answered an advert in the local paper.

1998 [top]

thumbnail of route 31 Route 31
Route 31 was a utkproject in which work was placed on and along an urban bus route
My contribution was a composition for recorder quartet played on two of the buses.

1997 [top]

thumbnail of polyglot No Overall Control
Installation with 12 record players in a disused nightclub, part of the Redundant Technology Initiative's inaugural show Size Matters

thumbnail of The Alphabetical Odyssey The Alphabetical Odyssey
Sound installation in the fiction section of Waterstone’s book shop. Commissioned by the Site Gallery for Site & Sound
Also 24 artist's books placed among the books in the A-Z fiction section.

thumbnail of Shadows of the Republic Shadows of the Republic
Made for Lexiconat the Centre for Freudian Analysis & Research
Everything except the punctation was removed from Plato’s Republic, leaving only a ghostly shadow.

1996 [top]

thumbnail of Historical Records Historical Records
Made for Buildings and Contents- contemporary art in a museum context.
Twelve artists made work in response to some aspect of a Tudor building, the results were displayed alongside the museum’s permanent collection.

thumbnail of Crystal Clear Crystal Clear - Artists Challenge the Armouries
A postcard commissioned by Crystal Clear to coincide with the opening of the Royal Armouries in Leeds, and work on the windows of Holy Trinity church.

1995 [top]

thumbnail of Rebound Rebound
101 artist's interventions in copies of a Jeffrey Archer biography.
An exhibition I co-curated for the Site Gallery.
Part of the Off the Shelf literature festival

thumbnail of Ursa Major Ursa Major
Outdoor work in the Sheffield Botanical Gardens. The constellation Ursa Major was mapped onto the park, and signs placed in trees showing where each star would be.
Part of the SCAT show Bearings

1994 [top]

thumbnail of sk329858 SK329858 1944-94
One person show at the Mappin Art GallerySheffield.
Large bronze plaque and series of prints and collages to mark the 50th anniversity of wartime crash of an American Flying Fortress bomber in a Sheffield park.

thumbnail of Boxing Clever Merry Christo Mr. Javachef
Group show at the Graves Art GallerySheffield.
Each participant was given a wooden fruit crate in which to create a piece of work

1993 [top]

thumbnail of sk329858 A Case of Towermania 1944-94
Display in the window of Woodcock Travel in Sheffield.
A range of artefacts and ephemera relating to the Eiffel Tower obsessed Anton Melnek

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