Bedroom Makeover

bedroom makeover paintwork  bedroom makeover paintwork  bedroom makeover paintwork  bedroom makeover paintwork

Video and soundtrack in a bedroom setting. Part of HOME (from 8-10pm) Rotherham Art Gallery Jan-Feb 2001
If you are indeed at home between 8 and 10, the chances are you will have caught sight of one or more of the rash of home makeover shows currently so much in vogue; Changing Rooms, Home Front, DIY SOS and House Doctor.
Such programs are potentially a rich source of material for anthropological study. It isn’t necessary to delve very deeply to uncover the thinly disguised link between the beautification of the home and the courtship rituals of animals and birds, which are themselves often the subject of early evening wallpaper television, interleaving with the DIY programs. The notion of a new kitchen or patio as a cure for a floundering relationship is well established in the psyche of middle England.
In these formulaic programmes, there are two more or less fixed peaks of arousal; quite early on the star designer introduces the chosen shades of paint, lids are teasingly eased off pots in a wrist action that a stripper wouldn’t be ashamed of. There follows quarter of an hour or so of frantic rubbing, stroking, heaving and grinding until finally comes the moment of revelation. “Open your eyes” incants smiley Carol; the ensuing gasps and whoops of real or feigned delight signalling the climax of the show. At this point the sublimation of the libidinal urge into paint pots and brush strokes becomes almost palpable.
Bedroom Makeover isolates the non-verbal lubricants from these climactic moments and weaves them together into an ambiguous soundtrack which accompanies a video of sensual brushwork.

stills from bedroom makeover  stills from bedroom makeover  stills from bedroom makeover  stills from bedroom makeover  stills from bedroom makeover

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