No Overall Control
installation in disused nightclub - part of the Redundant Technology Initiative's inaugural show

No Overall Control general installation view

“A striking sea soundscape”
Ian Soutar –Sheffield Telegraph

The piece consists of 12 record players or music centres, wired together in such a way that each one is controlled by 2 other decks, leading to a chaotic system in which cascades of switching combinations work their way through the system.
The result is the switching on and off of the record players in an unpredictable way, where patterns of behaviour emerge and recede. There appears to be no overall control.
What is heard is a combination of the noise of the switches clicking on and off, the amplified mains clicks and the needles rubbing along on the empty turntables.
The work was installed in a disused nightclub, where the decks stood on their speakers on the floor, like lonely dancers trying desperately to communicate with each other.
No Overall Control general installation view
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