Street or Studio : A Photobook
Sean's studio, taken using a 6 hole pinhole camera made from a pineapple tin

Street or Studio : A Photobook

Tate Modern partnered Flickr and Blurb and invited the public to contribute their own urban portrait to a unique book, Street or Studio: A Photobook.
Participants added up to two street or studio portraits to the Street or Studio group on Flickr and the 100 photographs in the book were selected by:

    Juergen Teller: artist whose work is included in the exhibition
    Ute Eskildsen: curator of Street and Studio: An Urban History of Photography
    Heather Champ: photographer and member of the Flickr team

The 100 photographs were also displayed on a slideshow in Tate Modern.

Below is a random selection from my pinhole photos on Flickr photos.
tony kemplen's pinhole photography flickr photos
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