zero point six degrees

Climate change, global warming and what we need to do about it is a constant Talking Point in the current news. Talking Points: Local Marks · Global Impressions is an exhibition showing work from artists exploring issues around the way we live our lives and the impact that has on the planet.
installation view of zero point six degrees
utk, the Sheffield based artists’ collective, have collected discarded packaging moulds, filled them with liquid and frozen them. The product-shaped ice block has then been placed into water and the inevitable melt videoed. We hear about the melting of the vast polar ice caps on an almost daily basis but it seems so far removed from our direct experience. The image of familiar, almost intimate shapes which could be scissors or paintbrushes slowly distorting in and out of recognition in tanks of water, serve as a counterpoint to the global scale of the environmental and socio-political catastrophe we are facing.
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